Bus Tie Duct (BTD)

Sheet Steel fabricated low voltage Bus Tie Duct system in air-insulated, non segregated construction. Our Bus Ducts are designed to meet the required voltage, ampere and fault level ratings. Copper Bus bars are sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate within IEC temperature rise limits. Joints are tin-plated . Provision for the Bus expansion is furnished as required by the configuration and length of each system . Flexible connections are provided at the transformer end to absorb the vibrations. Adequate bus supports are furnished to suit the electrical & m e c h a n i c a l requirements specified for each installation . Enclosure up to 4000A rating is made of sheet steel while above 4000A (up to 6000A), non-magnetic aluminum enclosures are used to eliminate hysteresis losses. The enclosure is of self-ventilating design.